Independent Trane Dealer

When we recommended a heating and air conditioning system that provides comfort, safety and reliability, we also consider the quality of the product and support from the manufacturer.

As an Independent Trane Dealer, we recommend Trane products for their superior-quality products and unfaltering customer support. Compared to other brands, we love Trane because:

  • Trane has the best support program in the area whether it’s residential or commercial. Parts are in stock and readily available in multiple locations.
  • Unlike other brands, Trane is very responsive with shipping parts to us in a timely fashion.
  • We can have a Trane factory rep at your home or office.

All major system components used in Trane’s products are designed and manufactured in-house—not assembled with third-party parts. As the buyer, you’re getting a product that is easier to install and service, as well as consistent performance and reliability.

Three outdoor unit product lines to choose from:

Leadership Line XR
Replacement Line XB

Line Spine Fin Coil Technology

All aluminum construction provides greater resistance to outdoor corrosion. It enables the coil to deliver and maintain efficiency and performance over the life of the unit.

Climatuff Compressor Technology

  • Trane designs each of their compressors to meet their specifications for quality and performance.
  • Climatuff compressors are put through rigorous torture testing.
  • They are tested in the lab to simulate 5 years of operations in the most extreme environments.

Appearance, Durability & Safety

  • Weatherguard II Top (Xli units) – attractive design and provides lasting protection from debris or snow from accumulating inside the unit.
  • Electrostatic powder coat painting process of panels and fasteners provides no sharp edges or exposed rusted metal, safe for any backyard.
  • Duratuff Base Pans will not fade, crack, corrode or rust.

Revolutionary Hyperion Air Handler

  • Double wall cabinet makes the interior easy to clean.
  • Foam insulation is contained within the molded cabinet walls, eliminating loose fibers for better indoor air quality.
  • Positive pressure design keeps unwanted air out (same concept used in clean rooms/hospitals).

Trane Gas Furnaces Offers Reliability, Quality & Comfort

Trane exclusive Comfort-R mode of operation allows quieter system startups and shutdowns, greater efficiency and more thorough heat circulation. XC95m furnace platform provides a fully modulating gas valve. Heavy gage insulated panels provides product durability.


Uses superior technology to provide clean, healthy air removing up to 99.98% of particles down to .1 micron. Allergens, pet dander, dirt, dust and other household containments are no match for the filtration of CleanEffects.