Building Management Systems

Professional Building Management System Installation Throughout Lehigh Valley

If your building, facility, or warehouse requires precise climate control, you need a reliable management system to ensure everything is operating correctly 24/7. MBI offers custom building management solutions for many types of businesses in Allentown, Bethlehem and surrounding areas in the Lehigh Valley, including corporate, commercial and industrial clients.

Our team of certified technicians, designers, engineers and project managers will help build a reliable solution to ensure your most important assets are protected. Through our monitoring network, we can detect a problem with the system, perform basic diagnostics, and notify the building manager and dispatch service personnel.

Building management systems help to control and monitor your building’s HVAC-R systems like heat pumps, roof top units, air handlers, chillers, boilers and more.

Temperature controlled environments require precision and consistency. By integrating building automation systems into your building, you ensure not only the comfort of your occupants, but also:

  • Consistent performance and reliability of manufacturing processes, production and IT equipment.
  • Lower maintenance costs by sustaining ideal climate conditions.
  • Quality and shelf life of products and goods being processed or stocked.

Building Automation Systems (BAS) are the ideal solution when climate control and precise operations of integrated mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are required.

This type of service is vital in office buildings and commercial environments where equipment is located in a temperature controlled environment.

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