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Often, friends and family give valuable advice that we pass on to others. Then sometimes, well-meaning advice is misinformed, and if not confirmed for validity, can perpetuate myths for years to come. It happens in every industry – nutrition, finance, education…. even HVAC.

Let’s take a look at some well-circulated heating and cooling myths and see if we can save you some time and money and maybe just stop these misunderstandings in their tracks.

Myth #1 Energy Efficient Homes Are Out of My Price Range

If you in the market for a new place, don’t assume you can’t afford an energy efficient property.

The truth is, research has demonstrated very little, if any, relationship between purchase price and whether or not a home is energy efficient. Some cases have even suggested the addition of smaller energy efficient systems can reduce a home’s principle cost. When it comes to our bitter cold winters, that energy efficient home might just save you so serious cash. 

Myth #2 Closing Vents of Unoccupied Rooms Will Save Me $$$

Logically, it seems like closing off part of a system would decrease its usage, and subsequently, its cost. Unfortunately, this widely spread myth is untrue. Closing vents in unused areas does not save money. Long term, just the opposite is true. The attempt will damage the system’s balance and can result in additional problems like leakage.

Myth #3 Air Filters Need To Be Changed About Once a Year

If you want to inhale dust and dirt then this one is no myth. However, if you prefer you respiratory system intruder free, then you need to change your air filter every few months. On the financial end, unclean filters require your system to work harder, landing you with an expensive energy bill.

Myth #4 The Location of My Thermostat is Irrelevant to its Effectiveness

Make sure your thermostat isn’t located in direct sunlight or any location that is frequently extremely hot or cold. The thermostat reads your home’s temperature. Incorrect data because of a beaming sun or low-temp room can send your HVAC system into a mode of unnecessary compensation. This will inevitably spike your energy costs and could get fairly problematic when it comes to reaching the right inside temperature.

Myth #5 Setting My Thermostat to the Lowest or Highest it Can Go Will Help Cool/Heat My Home Faster

Don’t harm your cooling system by enacting extreme modes and temperatures in an attempt to make a difference. If your home isn’t cooling/heating, it means there’s something wrong with the system. Setting it at its most intense work speed won’t do anything but put your system in danger and cost you a fortune next billing cycle. This may be tempting during a harsh winter or humid summer day, but it’s not worth it. Damaging your system during prime seasons could leave you without a working one for several days before many repair companies might be able to send someone out.