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Heating System Conversion

Switching Oil Heat to Gas

Are you tired of your old-fashioned heater and high heating bills? At MBI HVAC INC, we have helped hundreds of homeowners in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas with heating system conversions.

The process to switch from oil to gas can seem daunting. With MBI HVAC INC, our certified technicians will walk you through the process from beginning to end; with over 100 years of combined heating service experience under our belts, you can rest assured that you will sleep soundly with cost-efficient, quiet and safe heating comfort

Current Gas Customers

For customers who currently use gas or who have gas available:

  • If gas is available in your area or if you are currently a gas customer, contact MBI HVAC INC for a free in-home estimate to replace your old gas, oil, electric or propane heating system.
  • If there is an existing gas service, your local gas company will determine if the pressure, service, regulator and meter meet the estimated gas loads for your new heating system.

New Gas Customers

For customers who do not currently use gas or have a gas meter:

  • Contact MBI HVAC INC to evaluate your current heating system and develop a preliminary design and specifications of a new heating system with integrated gas line connection — if available in your area.
  • Your personal MBI HVAC INC project coordinator will contact the local gas utility company with the gas load information.
  • Your local gas utility company will provide us with the estimated cost to install gas lines to your home.
  • MBI HVAC INC will design the specifications of your heating system and connection to the gas line available to your home.

MBI HVAC INC will provide the design specs of the proposed heating system with estimates for the installation.

To get started with heating system conversion, contact us for more information. Our team at MBI HVAC INC — including technicians, engineers and office staff — will answer all your questions about financing options and the conversion process from start to finish

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