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Ductwork & Design Installation

When it comes to the air quality and ventilation of commercial buildings, air ducts are a crucial component. While many companies offer duct design and installation services, few are as experienced and meticulous as MBI HVAC INC.

Professional Ductwork Involves More Than Just Ducts

When we say we design and install entire commercial duct systems, we mean it! To make your system run at peak efficiency, all its supporting components must be appropriately sized. Fortunately, our experienced technicians know exactly how to select and fit the right parts, including:

  • Air handlers & vibration isolators
  • Take-offs
  • Stack boots & heads
  • Volume control dampers
  • Smoke & fire dampers
  • Turning vanes
  • Plenums
  • Terminal units
  • Air terminals

An efficient duct system is truly a sum of vital parts. When you choose MBI HVAC INC, you get experienced technicians who know these parts like the backs of their hands.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

MBI HVAC INC’s sheet metal fabrication lab, Duct By Design, specializes in the fabrication and assembly of a variety of ductwork. At our in-house fabrication facility in Allentown, we can create even the most complicated ductwork to accommodate your job.

We Fabricate a Variety of Materials to Fit Your Needs

We understand certain metals are ideal for specific applications. The most popular choices are as follows.

  • Galvanized steel – This is the most popular material used to fabricate ductwork, because its zinc coat prevents ducts from rusting.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum ducts are lightweight, which make them easy to install.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass duct panels are designed with built-in thermal insulation. Its sound-absorbing properties will produce a whisper-quiet HVAC system.

Our installers can take a flat piece of sheet metal and fabricate it the “old-fashioned way.” These technicians are highly trained to provide solutions that will maintain the optimum comfort level in your facility, while helping keep your utility costs in check.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities

No matter what your facility needs, we can proudly provide it.

  • Fabrication of slip and drive and “TDC”-type ducts
  • Fabrications of all types of sheet metal, customized to your specifications
  • 6,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art sheet metal facility with room to grow
  • All metal specifications are input via a computerized system and cut with a Plasma machine.
  • All metal is beaded per SMACNA specifications.
  • We conform to all SMACNA standards.

Commercial HVAC Design, Spec & Build

MBI HVAC INC in Allentown offers full engineering services for commercial clients all over the Lehigh Valley. Our experts guarantee to build a custom system that delivers the proper heating and cooling for your building.

In every commercial building project, there is no out-of-the-box solution. We offer “plan and spec” services for custom-designed commercial HVAC systems. We will walk you through every aspect of a commercial construction project, explain your options and help you make informed decisions for your business.

We will work with you to design the perfect HVAC system, and our certified, trained installers will put the system in place. 

Our team works with architects, engineers, spec writers and contractors to provide you with:

  • The best design for your needs
  • Energy-saving innovations
  • Return on investment

We understand general contractors, engineers and architects may be asked to provide pricing estimates for HVAC and mechanical portions of commercial projects. We work with you to determine the scope of your job and provide a realistic estimate of what will be involved so you can create your quote for bid.

Once we complete the plan and spec estimate, MBI HVAC INC understands you might still require our services in the future. We can be there to provide installation and service work on any project.

Contact us to request more information on ductwork design and installation, or sheet metal fabrication. We will be happy to help!

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