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Every field has its innovators, its sci-fi of today, realities of tomorrow kind of people. So what is it these people are working on in the heating and cooling industry. We don’t know about all of them. But we do know the man in the video below offers a plausible theory for solving one of air conditioning’s and the sporting industry’s biggest problems!

You know the feeling— you’re a die hard fan, and your eyes are glued to the field. Still, you can feel the sweat running down your back, making your shirt start to stick and itch. And it sure is getting humid. It’s too bad that rain never came through last week. Your head hurts just a little and you can’t tell if it’s your fear of the opposing team’s impending victory or the fact that you’ve only had one glass of water all day and the seats you purchased are a direct stairway to the beaming sun. Slightly frustrated, you think, “With all these high-tech scientific advancements and research these days you’d think somebody would finally figure out how to fix this situation. It’s a shame we can’t just air condition the outdoors.”

Well, as it turns out, we can. As a result of some of those brilliant scientific minds, it’s possible that air conditioning the outdoors and relieving sports patrons of the dreaded game attendance pitfall, is a reality that’s right around the corner.

How? Listen to Wolfgang Kessling’s (the man who Qatar, the 2022 host of the World Cup, has commissioned to help both athletes and spectators enjoy their time at the games despite the country’s 106 degree heat) TED talk on air conditioning outdoor spaces to learn more about the vast opportunities this concept could offer and exactly how it can be achieved.