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HVAC Installation & Repair in Macungie PA

Macungie, PA HVAC Maintenance, Repair & Installation

With four distinct seasons, acres of fruitful farmland and abundant natural resources, Eastern Pennsylvania has a rich history and an excellent quality of life. The Lehigh Valley area consistently ranks on lists of the best places to live in the U.S. Its convenient location, commitment to healthy living and thriving job market make this region highly desirable.

Residents of the borough of Macungie have the best of both worlds: The area is small enough to have a friendly, neighborly feeling, yet it’s only about an hour’s drive away from all the historical and cultural attractions Philadelphia has to offer. Whether you’re enjoying seasonally grown produce from the Macungie Farmers’ Market, strolling through the bright blooms of Macungie Flower Park or enjoying the classic car shows held annually in Memorial Park, there’s no shortage of things to do in your backyard.

Regardless of what’s happening with the weather outside, you need to be able to rely on your home’s heating and cooling to keep you and your family comfortable all year long. MBI Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be a locally owned, BBB-accredited provider serving our neighbors in Macungie with our responsive emergency repairs or routine maintenance whenever you need it. We’re also happy to share our years of expertise and experience with you, whether you are trying to figure out whether to repair or replace your HVAC system, or if you are curious about what happens during routine maintenance.

Repair or Replace? How to Decide

All homeowners eventually come face to face with the decision of whether to repair or replace their HVAC. If you’re having trouble figuring it out, MBI’s professional technicians have the technical expertise to support you. Here are some factors you can take into account.

1. The Age of Your Equipment

Age is one of the most significant factors that can influence whether you need a new heater or air conditioner, or if you can get by with repairing it. It can be tricky to determine how many more years you can squeeze out of your unit, but in general, it may not be worth paying to get it repaired if your unit is a decade old or older and you’ve been having to make service calls more than once a year.

2. Energy Efficiency Matters

Older HVAC systems are also much less efficient than newer ones, so you could be unnecessarily paying higher energy bills. Technological advancements have helped improve energy efficiency by leaps and bounds. Energy Star recommends upgrading to a new unit if your current equipment is 10 or more years old. The money you will save on your utility bills can help offset the cost of a new HVAC unit over time.

3. Your Refrigerant Can Be a Factor

Have you ever wondered how your air conditioner keeps your home cool? It relies on a refrigerant called freon or R-22 to remove heat from the air. However, because R-22 has been shown to damage the environment, the EPA has been phasing it out since 2009. If you got your air conditioner anytime within the past decade, you can feel confident it uses an EPA-approved alternative refrigerant. However, if your air conditioner was manufactured and installed before 2010, you may run into some problems as your system ages, including the fact that R-22 is becoming scarcer and therefore more expensive. A unit that takes R-22 that develops a leak should probably be replaced.

4. Condition of Your Equipment

Contact a professional, locally owned HVAC company like MBI Heating & Air Conditioning for an unbiased assessment of your air conditioner or heater. Our techs will give you their honest opinion on whether it’s better to repair your existing equipment or invest in a new unit. Whether your HVAC is brand-new or approaching the end of its lifespan, our techs are your best resource for everything from routine seasonal maintenance to installing a new air conditioning unit at your Eastern Pennsylvania home.

What to Expect During Routine HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system, like any other appliance you own, requires regular maintenance and care to work properly. If you aren’t proactive about it, you will unnecessarily shorten the life of your equipment and end up spending more money in the long run.

The best way to ensure your system works well is to hire the professional team at MBI Heating & Air Conditioning to handle the job for you. Here are some things you can expect your technician will do during an HVAC maintenance service call.

1. Change the Filters

The humble filter is integral to the performance of your HVAC system. Filters are designed to trap dust, allergens, germs and other airborne contaminants. If they get clogged, your HVAC system will eventually stop performing as you expect it to, and your indoor air quality will suffer.

2. Visually Inspect the Entire System

A trained eye can spot little details that you might miss. You should get a professional to perform a check of your HVAC system every year to make sure everything is running optimally. The last thing you want is an unexpected breakdown on the coldest day of the year. Regular inspection by a qualified professional HVAC technician will keep your equipment healthy and prolong its lifespan.

3. Clean and Remove Debris

While the filters do a good job of catching dust and debris, they won’t be able to pick up on all of it. Too much of these things can accumulate on the moving parts within your HVAC unit and do a lot of damage before you realize it. Our professionals will carefully clean all the accumulated dust and debris and make sure there’s no corrosive damage to the internal systems.

4. Check the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain in your HVAC unit serves an essential purpose. If it becomes clogged, that can obstruct the flow of condensed water and cause excess moisture accumulation, leading to problems like mold, water damage, high humidity levels, uneven temperature regulation, bacteria and compromised air quality. MBI’s professional maintenance technicians can flush and clean the condensate drain to ensure all excess moisture flows away from your unit.

5. Examine the Thermostat Settings

Many Macungie homeowners have upgraded to programmable thermostats that allow them to save money on their energy bills and ensure they are not forcing their heating or air conditioning to run when they’re not home. During your annual maintenance appointment, you can ask your tech to check the thermostat to make sure its setting matches the temperature in your home. If there is a difference, your HVAC system may be over- or underperforming.

6. Evaluate Electrical Connections and Voltage

A loose or broken electrical wire can compromise the performance of your system and eventually break it down to the point where you need to replace your furnace or air conditioner. During a routine maintenance appointment, your MBI technician will thoroughly examine the electrical connections and evaluate the performance of the system. They’ll replace frayed and damaged wires to minimize the risk of fire and component failure.

7. Lubricate Moving Parts

Most people don’t realize how many moving parts are involved in heating and cooling their home. These components require regular cleaning and lubrication to minimize friction so they do not wear out before their time. Proper lubrication protects your unit from undue amounts of wear and tear.

8. Inspect Exhaust Outlets

The exhaust outlets on your HVAC unit prevent dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide and other such gases and protect your family’s safety. Your MBI technician will evaluate all these aspects of your system and look for signs of leaks and corrosion that would indicate the need for repairs.

9. Assess the Fuel Lines and Connections

If your home relies on gas heat, you also need regular inspections of your fuel lines. A gas leak can be a fire hazard that jeopardizes your home. Disconnected fuel lines can also make your unit run less efficiently. Soot can accumulate in burners, and cracked heat exchangers can lead to higher energy bills. MBI’s maintenance techs can assess all these aspects of your heater or furnace and thoroughly remove all clogs and traces of soot.

10. Check the Refrigerant Levels

While your air conditioner needs lots of elements working together to do its job, the refrigerant is arguably the most essential component. Technically, your air conditioner can run without refrigerant, but asking it to do so can damage your unit and cause you to need repair or replacement. If there isn’t enough refrigerant to cool the air efficiently, it will force the compressor to work harder to achieve the desired level of temperature.

Macungie’s High-Quality HVAC Service Provider

At MBI Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand dealing with unexpected HVAC breakdowns can feel like an inconvenience. That’s why we work to make your experience with us positive by offering industry-leading customer service and up-front pricing. Whether you need to schedule routine service at your Macungie home, or are considering a full replacement of your HVAC unit, our friendly team can do it all. Reach out to us at 610-821-9555 today – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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